How to Start up a new clothing brand? Top 5 Tips for success!


Starting up a fashion related business, like a clothing brand can be a very generic idea and many people who have started a business as such, have not seen results. While for others it’s turned out to be hugely big successful brands. Within the fashion business world it takes a lot of hard work and creative individuality and to make you brand successful it needs to be different. Something that is not normal and will catch peoples attention. Which brings me on to number one!

1. Individuality!

There are many start up brand in the same sort of position as you and it is not good enough to just do what everyone else is doing. Find the selling point something that will make people listen to what the brand has to offer. A lot of the time, the concept behind the brand will have to depend on the design, logos, slogans and general appearance of the brand. So all of these things will have to be presented in a unique way so that your competitors will want to buy want you offer, because its different.

2. Research! – Finances, Competitors, Audience.

Making sure that you know your stuff can make a world of a difference. It’s always good to research companies in the same area of business; to see what they are doing, then make sure you don’t do what they are doing wrong. Your audience creates so many questions you as a business will have to answer like ‘how do I sell?’  ‘where do I sell?’ ‘What do the target market audience want?’. All of these questions and many more will be factors you will have to consider in relation to the finances and how to plan spending money.

3. Marketing Strategy – How are people going to know about you brand?

Money will not be generated if the marketing strategy is weak, especially if you don’t go out of your way to make sure people know about the clothing line. You have to make sure that you use all your resources to promote your brand. Technology is changing everyday and the internet should be the centre of promotion these days. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have the power to get word out, fast and to a large amount of the public, which is why many business have to use sites like these to keep existing customers and potential customers engaged and updated with the brand.

4. Don’t give up! – Perseverance, Hard work, believe in the brand!

It is very normal for a start up business to not work out, in its first few stages but believing in your brand and your passion towards it can make it go far and eventually make it successful.

5. Have fun building your brand!!

Having fun doing what you love is one of the greatest motivations within the business world or in anything you do. But at the same time make sure you are passionate in the business you are in and it won’t feel like work but fun!



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