UEL at Graduate Fashion Week 2013!

Graduate Fashion week provides the platform for the promotion of new talent, showcasing the future of fashion design. It holds exhibition spaces for over 40 universities, over 20 catwalk shows and attracts thousands of guests every June. This event is responsible for launching the careers of some of the most successful designers of our time. Graduate fashion week focuses on the fact that, not just that students can find work in fashion design but also in other related fields of fashion.

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UEL once again created amazing pieces of work which they showcased on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week 2013. Below are their collections explained with the ideas behind their pieces.



Alicia Leckie

This collection is inspired by the harsh reality of an eating disorder, which can leave the strong angular lines of the skeleton visible to the eye.
Harsh awkward shapes are created around the joints – the shoulders and hips, which influence the use of tucks and gathers to create an organic, sculptural silhouette.

Shapes are further enhanced by a dynamic print, complemented by the use of laser-cut detail, which mimic the print shapes. These techniques have been used though out the collection, created both digitally and naturally, providing depth to the garments with a powerful aesthetic.

965438_10151693836342363_2042791959_o 981095_10151693836332363_418208732_o 966770_10151693836327363_2058088099_o 981728_10151693836422363_1132457369_o 921120_10151693836427363_1337787461_o 980996_10151693836467363_2118480646_o

Anu Raat

Digital ghosts. This collection is inspired by blurred faceless people wandering in cyberspace. Busy anonymous bodies that are stretched or multiplied by technology,so that they end up being confused images of data.
Covered silhouettes combine asymmetry and distorted shapes. Solid coloured flat fabrics are used to accentuate the print inspired by the endless amount of data surrounding us.

Layered transparencies blur the detail whilst the solid construction details are enhanced.
Colours are neutral. Black, white, beige.

965302_10151693837937363_1945336022_o 474928_10151693837932363_1348074226_o 981174_10151693837942363_1557968138_o 467641_10151693838022363_1826197092_o 977684_10151693838067363_1486576079_o 980063_10151693838087363_2123396487_o

Ayumi Morita

Does a robot dream to live like a human? Not only repeating it’s routine, but enjoying life with emotions and love? This classic Sci-Fi story can be seen in modern society.
Solid black British wool and neatly lined binary embroidery, on crisp tailored jackets and huge Japanese trousers, give a strong robotic persona to the collection. This gradually transforms to a soft and subtle silhouette and colour palette, imitating how life changes when people find true love.

Smooth skin-like silk and voluminous, richly layered organzas are hand dyed to mimic human skin and eyes. Round silhouettes accentuate the female form.

966069_10151693838837363_2089679130_o 980390_10151693838852363_1335944016_o 981863_10151693838857363_1146360827_o 964257_10151693838992363_248167061_o 978003_10151693839047363_2126412749_o 979862_10151693839052363_1679498082_o

Catherine Handford

A woodland walk inspired the collection. The dull, wet forest was gloomy and a flash of orange caught the eye. Orange fungus was highlighted from the dull background. Ideas have been developed from an image of this.
The sloping hoods of the mushrooms reflect the dropped shouldered silhouette. The oversized umbrella heads are too large for the slim stalk. The inner mushrooms intricate design is reflected in the pleated details throughout the collection. Black; in various fabrics which come together to exaggerate the variety of textures and shades created, with the vibrant flash of orange that initially caught the eye.

977528_10151693840997363_51552566_o 976113_10151693841047363_1770502218_o 976796_10151693841052363_1959723888_o 965579_10151693841207363_17605123_o 966910_10151693841262363_172380711_o 967322_10151693841267363_1124220295_o

Charles Chambers

This collection has its roots firmly embedded in the fixed gear cycling community, one that is widely noted for its strong street style and philosophy. Innovative use of fabrics, prints and materials combine with simple and exciting designs to create this look.

Taking inspiration from the streets of East London, performance fabrics and classic British tailoring are juxtaposed with relaxed, understated shapes. In one look, a structured tweed jacket is combined with square shorts layered over fluorescent printed leggings. Functional, performance sportswear is transformed by the integration of hidden pockets, reflective highlights, reinforced seams and ergonomic shapes.

976715_10151693842397363_1916071975_o 976042_10151693842402363_1756552644_o 981056_10151693842422363_604704491_o 468576_10151693842537363_1704265255_o 981643_10151693842587363_616636216_o 736885_10151693842572363_1992286239_o

Elizabeth Harrison

“U.O.NOTT’’ (Under Over Knott) The knotting of childhood paper-chains and the doodles of Spirographs on a math book were the original starting point for this clever and simple concept.
Fluid, curved lines are inspired by the soft 3D movement of light and geometry. The use of simple, flat and light fabrics is a reflection of this childlike approach. Some are bonded to create a fuller feel and a clean contrast in colour, whilst effectively manipulated overlays provide sculptural details.

These elements create an effortless feel to this intelligent collection.

468501_10151693843242363_1833318808_o 981478_10151693843252363_220168625_o 467540_10151693843417363_2101432406_o 979960_10151693843392363_1606761132_o 965699_10151693843362363_385487519_o 977644_10151693843247363_1633334272_o

Estela Nevinskaite

This collection is influenced by a spiritual belief that every human being has a soul, which evolves from our actions in previous lives.
Some minerals and especially geodes are parallel to our souls, as they are formed in similar ways. These Earth’s treasures have inspired this concept – a hidden beauty beneath an ugly surface.

The collection is experimental and focuses on texture, using an innovative technique of ‘burning’ to create a strong organic look, which is combined with clean and sharp lines. This evident contrast plays a crucial role in the overall collection’s silhouette.

981383_10151693844597363_1552887087_o 976952_10151693844602363_638707290_o 463891_10151693844722363_1831279522_o 980019_10151693844607363_1349604891_o977586_10151693844717363_1780323427_o 976683_10151693844752363_1481563633_o

Francesca Steed

INUIT – translates – THE PEOPLE.
INUIT inhabit the Arctic regions, their lives were traditinally centered on hunting, building homes of snow, fashioning clothing from animal skins, and carving tools of bone. To help them in a harsh climate, THE PEOPLE must adapt, THE PEOPLE must survive.
Encouraging a modern take on the INUIT. With soft silks, subtle embellishment and timeless silhouettes that reflect a luxurious approach on THE PEOPLE. The look combines simplicity with techniques that lend earthy grit, to create an AW’13 statement.
Clothing that reflects a culture, a lifestyle and raw sophistication.

965759_10151693845417363_610808767_o 976550_10151693845412363_7728064_o 976350_10151693845402363_1233730411_o 963789_10151693845552363_20638820_o 468459_10151693845577363_807523253_o 966331_10151693845612363_2101540664_o

Francesca Holgado

The house at the end of the lane has been abandoned for years. The gate is overgrown with ivy and the iron is rusting beneath. The trees in the garden are hundreds of years old and bare from the perils of winter. The branches sprawl along, tumbling down, forming intricate patterns as one intertwines with another and another…….

The silhouette is bold and strong. It creates contrast; mystery lies within the parts that you can’t see, hidden within the blurred lines.
Fabrics are luxurious but timeless. Silk, wool, and leather have been aged with subtlety and integrity, through print and surface processes.

966390_10151693846192363_464815108_o 966590_10151693846172363_289704011_o 965004_10151693846167363_291974112_o 976396_10151693846317363_837001527_o 967255_10151693846322363_834531949_o 463721_10151693846352363_967095026_o

Jazz Gina Brar

She was the last queen of France, both vilified and exalted for her decadent lifestyle, her essence captured in this collection.

Through a vibrant palette of pinks and blues, seventeenth century silhouettes are dissected into playful separates. Corsetry is reinvented. Her rebellious attitude is reflected in subversive latex trims, bold and irreverent, offset against intricate pleating and luxurious brocades.

Bloomers and chemises are worn with nonchalance under a sumptuous frockcoat. Off-key prints, blurred, distorted and magnified are splashed across cascading layers on voluminous skirts, embracing a certain joie de vivre, all inspired by a fun frivolous and vastly extravagant personality.

966606_10151693847737363_107666311_o 463854_10151693847757363_56866152_o 964619_10151693847762363_2115709514_o 474908_10151693847857363_290488869_o 979914_10151693847907363_99440383_o 966815_10151693847987363_1124076994_o

Leshia Thomas

Would you die for someone you love? What about someone you don’t even know? That is SACRIFICIAL LOVE.
Based on the crucifixion of Christ and inspired by the methods used to inflict bruising and lacerations such as ‘Cat O’ Nine Tails’, this collection is also inspired by the architecture of religious buildings and the covers of leather bound ancient bibles.

SACRIFICIAL LOVE is a collection of cathedral etched leathers, gold chain embellishments and bruise printed silks that reflect this beautiful ordeal.

965920_10151693848842363_298281803_o 467662_10151693848857363_931998572_o 977335_10151693848852363_1016969972_o 474765_10151693848997363_1793074945_o 981437_10151693849022363_226155649_o 705977_10151693849037363_1456068936_o

Marietta Kalvi

Exploring changes in modern society, DNA and the merging of races; this concept raises a question of identity – will we still be unique in 50 years time? Embracing the identities of many, the focus is on creating a collection of separates for the strong modern urban citizen.

Design lines create a dialogue between fluid asymmetry and clean geometry. Flaming red trumpeting subtle surreal pencil-drawn prints, reflects the merging of the distorted crowd. Pencil skirts combine with strong jacket shapes to evoke elegant effortlessness. Clever details accentuate the grown-up feminine feel. Fabrics are modern and sharp, with digital prints and embellished beading.

965527_10151693850117363_1668603941_o 976089_10151693850122363_1281078584_o 981056_10151693850137363_2109747460_o 705977_10151693850262363_1831443512_o 981801_10151693850307363_431377884_o

Poonam Osan

Weapons, destruction and armoury have inspired a collection based on modern conflict.
A combination of panel cuttings and diaphanous textures gives the feel of a strong yet luxurious look, with defined lines shaping around the body to enhance the powerful feel.

A colour palette of browns, khaki greens and bold, strong gold has taken the military look to another level of extravagance. Chain mail and pieces of metal have been added to the fabric palette to give a more substantial feel of destruction, keeping the clean cut lines for a neat look of luxury.

463852_10151693850882363_1766536542_o 979997_10151693850892363_896893065_o 977031_10151693850887363_2081530456_o 979842_10151693850972363_712651969_o 965740_10151693850997363_213195165_o 965911_10151693851077363_1346897679_o

Rochelle Mullings

Cut Me to See Who I am… an aristocratic infused collection which explores the serial murders committed by Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel, London 1888. The identity of this calculated murderer is still unknown, which allows for this concept to be explored. It uses cutting lines and folds that represent the uniquely identifiable fingerprint and shapes that were carved into the victims’ bodies, combined with the hourglass silhouette. Fabrics and prints reflect those worn by both women and men at this time, in deep red, brown, mustard and grey tones to depict the eerie dark atmosphere of Victorian East London.

964366_10151693851947363_1277994214_o 965317_10151693852057363_305069362_o

Shay Malt

Greco Roman sculpture and Art Deco architecture in London is the foundation of this collection. Post-modern references build on this, creating an unusual and unique approach to women’s-wear.
The bold geometry of Art Deco is juxtaposed against the broken lines of ancient ruins creating a striking visual that challenges normality.

The somewhat boisterous technical shapes are balanced with softer frills and pleats. Neon tweed adds texture and depth, resulting in a statement collection that remains ultra feminine and wearable.

977609_10151693853082363_1450727709_o 966641_10151693853087363_1979676271_o 981109_10151693853097363_553592405_o 965044_10151693853212363_29036711_o 980648_10151693853227363_1679898284_o 965691_10151693853257363_5688145_o

Susanna Yi

Euphonic-Behind the wall is the Echo; a collection which expresses self-reflection in the origins and identity in society.
Silhouettes are inspired by traditional Korean costume mixed with the military, a reminder of the separation of North and South, and of the historical border of East and West Germany, where the designer was born and raised.

Through plain fabrics and multi-coloured landscape prints a personal journey is explored and utilitarianism and sensitivity are juxtaposed. The contrast of earthy tones and pastel brights reflects the reality of being disassociated in the same territory, alongside the significant fall of the Berlin wall.

979943_10151693855207363_956841695_o 980675_10151693855202363_1176245168_o 967094_10151693855302363_680862954_o 981642_10151693855342363_297585715_o 921124_10151693855397363_774673104_o

Shelby Moncherry-Desfosse

Inspired by religious and customary garments worn by Jews during special festivals, Orthodox is based on hidden aspects of Jewish life.
Lineage can be dated back to biblical times, their strength and endurance is what unites this culture; fellowship and tradition. This reflects the mood of this collection.

Encompassing a rich and intriguing heritage the collection uses soft tailoring in a rainbow of black, greys and stripes with white accents. Menswear-inspired silhouettes are combined with softly draping trousers, contrasting layers, and tightly wrapped belts to create a powerful yet feminine feel. Fabrics include traditional woven stripe shirting and textured wools.

977468_10152922217040013_1942834649_o 965168_10152922216615013_1385724535_o 965418_10152922216770013_402223854_o 965895_10152922216185013_541188640_o 468563_10152922216370013_1866047538_o

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