The Art & Design Degree Show – UEL exhibition 30th of May 2013 – Huge success!

The Art & Design Degree Show – UEL exhibition 30th of May

Featuring Textiles, Animation,Fine Art, Graphic Design, Moving Image, Illustration, Photography & Printmaking.

The textile students showcased their print designs on various strips of fabric, over 50 material strips for the students to showcase. Many of which, made their fabric designs into dresses, t-shirts and other garments. Impressed by the sheer quality of the garments, everyone who came to see the exhibition were excited by the students creativity of designs and the way in which they made their garments. It was real good creative pieces and I was impressed by the professional layout of the exhibition. It has really given me some design ideas and inspiration on possible garments to make in the future and I hope all you designers out there can take some of that too.

IMG_8409IMG_8396 IMG_8392IMG_8399 IMG_8407 IMG_8390 IMG_8401 IMG_8413

IMG_8385 IMG_8414 IMG_8398


Textile students were amazing but other departments in the exhibition that I went to visit like photography, fine art and illustration were equally on point! Ive had many favorites over the course of the evening and the most interesting would have to be fine art and textiles of course! Not to be bias lol. The art students did indeed incorporate elements of fashion like the photo with the wings made of silver cutlery, which I thought was very innovative. The year zero foundation art and design students really showed what they were made of. Many of the year foundation students are doing year 1 courses in fashion, textiles, illustration, architecture and fine art this coming september. They showcased the area they wanted to go in to and yet again impressed by fashion and fine art students within year foundation. So overall it was a really good evening and I’m glad to say that the UEL students are very creative and a talented bunch!


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